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Silly me

Yesterday I thought someone was stalking me with strange phone calls...
After a few 'deaf' calls and becoming a bit scared, I realized that it was a fake call option in my mobile, which somehow turned on in my bag... gee

And I broke 3 coffee mugs (my favourites) within two weeks!! My husband says I'm unbelievable. Unpredictable. And somehow dangerous.

If anyone missed me

If anyone missed me - I'm busy with my dearest treasure, my little daughter :)
Even now she's doing her best to interrupt my typing... So forgive me my (or her) mistakes.

I'm not into music, news, internet, LJ lately. I'm mostly into baby topics, which most of people would find boring or strange. Or scary. Or alltogether.

I wish I had a PA to write something for me hehe.

All the best in 2010!!

...I've been listening to MJ a lot

A lot of Michael Jackson stuff lately. I remember that little show that cheers me up. It's from the Dance Eurovision 2008 contest. I'm not posting it because my country won with that dance (hehe).
Ok, ok, partly it is :D
But it's still a beautiful memory of MJ.


Finally :)))

my favourite plant at the moment

...is hippeastrum, this one just about to bloom :))))

I'll paste a picture of it blooming in a couple of days. If you want to see how it looks, google it and try to guess the colour ;)

Why is it special for me?

I got it as a gift. It looked like a big onion :/ The funniest part, I didn't know it can bloom at all! So once, when we came back from holiday last year I was shocked seeing huge flowers on my window (I even suspected someone had put a vase with flowers on the sill).

Christmas summary

Let's sum up:
- preparings: HORRIBLE (eg crowded shops, traffic jams...); a new (false) Christmas tree is neat!
- weather: snowless (apart form the countryside) and not very cold
- food: too much... but lovely as always :) Some will last till New Year...
- family meetings: eerr... I survived ;)
- best gift I got: Monopoly World (we played for 5 hours yesterday, yay!)

...soooo how was your Christmas?

Happy Christmas!

So this is Christmas...*

And I wanted to wish you a very merry Christmas and a succesfull and happy New Year!
Wishes for everyone who will read this, Liz, Melissa especially :)

Hugs, Ania

* I keep listening to Lennon's Happy Christmas (War is Over). It brings hope to my heart like no other Christmas song!

what am I doing here??

Yesterday I stood in the middle of the classroom, watching the rain, watching kids writing a test... Suddenly i thought what the heck am I doing here? I mean, my job, place where I live. Whole life. It wasn't a bad day and I don't complain about my life every day. Gee, I'm not emo ;P But that thought scared me o.O
Do you sometimes feel the same?...

holiday pic

I promised to post smth from our holiday :) ages ago - kill me...

Taken in August 2008, Karkonosze Mountains (here Mt. Sniezka)

P.S. If someone wonders why am I pissed -----> my job sucks! People especially....

back from holiday

Been back from holiday :)
As always: walked a lot, drived a looot (blah), got hot, got wet, got cold, got excited every place we visited...
And annoyed by the radio, cause I heard Savage Garden only once!
When I'm home they seem to play it every day.

I'm much into Roxette lately :) For no reason.